3D Styku Body Scanner Now Available at Pro-Fitness!


At Pro-Fitness, we are providing you with the only 3D scanner of it’s kind in all of Canada. Our brand new state of the art Styku 3D scanner can provide you exact measurements of your body so you can see with 99% accuracy all the changes that are occurring.  With greater than 99% accuracy, it can provide with a body fat % more accurate than the the gold standard dunk tank or DEXA.  Concerned about your posture?  Styku is even able to give you a posture analysis, making it even easier to make the necessary changes and incorporate proper exercise into your routine to improve your quality of daily living when it comes to postural discomforts.  We are offering you the best, most accurate and fastest option available!

With Styku, we can see the difference in your body’s shape in 3D, extract 100’s of measurements within 1% accuracy, get precise body fat percentages, produce a posture analysis and even extract volume measurements on just about any site on the body!  Styku is able to capture millions of data points with its harmless 3D camera in just 30 seconds!

Styku is being used by health professionals worldwide from fitness professionals, medical doctors, plastic surgeons, medical weight loss centres, even clothing manufacturers to get exact measurements and now YOU have the opportunity!

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Styku assessment sessions are now available at 

Pro-Fitness Training!

You are more than just a number on a scale…you are more than just 1 dimension…you are multi-dimensional!

Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, just beginning your health and fitness journey or a professional athlete…Styku is the smart choice for EVERYONE!

We are eliminating the guess work in caloric intake as Styku is able to determine your basal metabolic rate, factor in your activity level and goals to determine what you need to do to reach them! We are eliminating the error in traditional girth measurements and eliminating the wonder of “is my body really changing?”. We can now track progress over time with precise accuracy, track risk of obesity related disease and determine caloric intake for optimal weight and fat loss.  With side by side progress images and data, you can really get a true visual of your progress! Never before has there been anything so revolutionary in the industry.


To make an appointment, please email Amy at amy@pro-fitnesstraining.com, message us on Facebook or Instagram, call us at 204-885-0898 or speak to one of our trainers at Pro-Fitness.

$50 per scan or for a limited time….3 scans for $125