Amy Herosian

As Manager and part-owner of Pro-Fitness Training, Amy Herosian trains over 100 clients a week (ranging from age six to eighty), runs the “X-treme” Cardio Fitness Class and the Tuesday/Thursday 6am Sunriser Bootcamp class. Amy is a mother of one fabulous daughter and with her hectic schedule, her clients can’t complain about how hard Amy works them because she works herself just as hard!

A Personal Trainer since 2000, Amy has her Certified Personal Trainer Certification, a Bachelor  of Arts degree in Kinesiology from the University Of Winnipeg and has completed courses in both CPR and First Aid.

Amy has a strong background in the treatment and rehabilitation of muscular and skeletal injuries, including rehabilitation from surgery and joint replacements. She has a long running background in training athletes of all sports and ages.  Amy also has experience in exercise during and after cancer treatment, being a cancer survivor herself.   Amy is also a nutrition expert who can create customized meal plans designed to optimize weight and fat loss. Amy also develops specialized and individually tailored workout programs that can include any of the following areas:

  • Full body, multi-joint movements
  • Muscle strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Circuit training
  • Group fitness
  • Core conditioning and stabilization
  • Sport-specific training
  • Speed, agility and quickness specialist