Group Training

If you’re looking for change, it’s not going to happen by doing the same thing over and over. Change does not occur without some kind of new stress, or a different stimulus. The “no pain, no gain” we’ve all heard really means, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  We offer a variety of fun, high energy group classes.  See our online schedule for up to date class information.

Sun Riser Bootcamp

This early morning Sun Riser Boot Camp will start your day off right! Get a total body, intense workout in just 45 minutes. Sessions run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Feel great for the rest of the day!

PRICE: $16.00 + GST/class

Dryland Sport Team Training

Our dry land training program is designed to increase sport performance, strength and reduce injury. This is achieved through the following dry land protocols: speed, agility, quickness, reaction drills, multi-joint power and strength, core development, anaerobic/aerobic conditioning and more. All training is sport specific and in-season training is scheduled around teams practice and games schedules. Minimum 10 athletes needed for this program. Inquire about flat group rates.

PRICE: $12.00/Athlete/session +GST

XTreme Cardio

Pro-Fitness Training offers you the solution to what to do on your “off” days. In this Xtreme Cardio class, you will burn up to 1,000 calories and rev up your metabolism in just 1 hour! The main focus of this class is to elevate your heart rate for the entire hour. Xtreme Cardio Class will include cardiovascular machines, plyometrics, agility training, interval training and much more for a full body blast! Classes run Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. See schedule for details.

PRICE: $16.00 +GST/class

Evening Bootcamp

Having a busy day and want to end it right with a fantastic full body workout? This is the class for you! Combining resistance training, cardiovascular exercises and functional training, this class is designed to help you lose weight and build lean muscle. Our Evening Bootcamp runs Thursday Evening’s from 7pm-8pm.

PRICE: $16.00 +GST/class

Circuit Class

Come join us Sunday morning’s at 11am for an intensive full body circuit class that is sure to make you sweat through the hour. This class includes strength, plyometrics, core and cardio. There isn’t a body part you won’t train in this class! The perfect way to spend a Sunday!

PRICE: $16.00 +GST/class

Monday Madness Bootcamp

Start the week of right with this high intensity class that is fun, fast and furious!  With a mix of strength training and cardio intervals, this class offers it all!   Come ready to sweat and prepared to work! The Monday Madness Bootcamp runs Monday evenings at 7pm.

PRICE: $16.00 +GST/class

10 Class Pass Available for use in all group classes for $130+GST